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10 reasons why Victoria Song is awesome

Although there is 121454878758456187487451 reasons why she is awesome, I am just gonna list 10 here lol my Angel Qiannie, happy birthda...

Although there is 121454878758456187487451 reasons why she is awesome, I am just gonna list 10 here lol my Angel Qiannie, happy birthday in advance :) I am so itching to post this. I can't wait for her actual birthday lol so, I posted it today. Vic baby, we Qian's army always here to back u up !!! :) be happy always <3 we love you <3 before we start it, how about some pictures? :p 

1. Because she is a tough cookie
Being a Chinese trainee at the biggest Korean agency says it all TBH. Some of her quotes are very encouraging and insightful about her life. She is just beautiful from inside. Here are some of my fav quote from her :) 

2. because she cooks for heaven sake
I think we already saw thousands clips of her showing her cooking skills :D but yeah, I am gonna list some of 'em that I can find hohohoo although there is some that I didn't include esp during WGM era because THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY LOL here some for you to remind you again how flawless she is as a woman :)
and some pictures because I think we all agree that we can't get enough of her ? :D

3. Because she doesn't need PS to be beautiful
IDK about other idol because your fandom is your problem but my Vic didn't do any PS to be beautiful. I don't think it's necessary to put her pre-debut pictures because every people who have two eyes already know she didn't do it LAWL here some pictures of her to remind you again how beautiful she is.

p.s : I dont mind your idols getting duh. It ain't ma problem luls

4.because she is the sweetest
HEHHEHHEHHE for someone who follows her, I know she is a sweet girl. One of the moment that I will always remember is when she gave a lucky fan a cake that she made huhuhuhuhu OMG, isn't she the sweetest? Leader-nim its okay, we can wait for you for forever :) don't feel bad because we are waiting for you :D and fans, be sure to eat first when you want to meet her because this leader is special. She always love to see people eating what she cooked hihihihihihi
buying her fans doughnuts at airport
she is alone buying it for the fans who waited for her at airport. there is a video.
always have time for fans eventhough she is in a rush
and again again and again buying fans some food hehheheh
5. because she has a hot body

6. because she is a motherly leader
7. Because She never stops
Her personal message for the movie is "I'm exhausted because I have too many ambitious desires," showing her desire to strive for perfection on stage or her desire to be better in every aspects. look at her now, this movie is made before her first drama and she won the best newcomer award and now currently filming another drama. Aigoo our Qiannie never stops, doesnt she?

8. because she has 4D personality
She talks to plan, she does aegyo in a second then being a cold hearted girl in another second, she is baby talking to the members in a second but later scold the members in another split second LOL this girl !!!!!! kekkekekekkekkekkekeke very 4 dimensional!

9.because she is fab
I am a fan of her style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very fashionable, very charming, very feminine yet edgy. Let's take a look at some of her photos. Oh come on it's just my excuse to brag about her beauty lol enjoy :)

10 because she dances gracefully
from her latest magazine interview 
Q: What was your childhood like? 
A: Apart from dancing, it was just more dancing 

She left her hometown at a very young age to study Chinese traditional dance at the Beijing Dance Academy then she got the scholarship to continue learning at the academy. BDA is the best dance school in China, to spend your days there and got a scholarship for entering the college means she is a damn good dancer . 

In kpop, she is really one of a kind. Her dance is very graceful. Well, she is a ballet dancer who is coming from a god damn best school, hello? So yeah, off course she is different :) 

No wonder she is chosen as the leader of Asia Pop Dance Group *bows down*. Here is some of my favorite clip of her dancing :) 

and for some retards that want to argue about her dancing skills, here is a clip of the students at BDA
huaaaaaaaaaaaa that's all :) happy birthday in advance again my Qiannie <3 I wish you all nothing but the best <3333 I can't celebrate your birthday this year because I have to be at another country and basically I just can't be on twitter or weibo :(((((((((((

All pictures and videos are all not mine. Either it's from news outlet, tumblr, google, other portal site, some Qian community or obviously from the awesome dedicated fansite unnies <3333333 thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!

photo sign_zpsqaqyukse.png

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  1. she's the most awsome idol i know in my life...her attitude,passion in work,motherhood,care towards her fans,natural beauty and many more...i learn so much about her..the more i know her the more i love her and she's my sunshine..also i know many nice and kind victorians around the world ..and one of them is you:)))

  2. Awwww thanks for leaving a comment --♡ hugs to all victorians out there ~~~~♡

  3. victoria siempre va ser una increíble mujer desde argentina hermosa qien