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Ok how was the story? why suddenly posting a blog post like this? I seriously have no idea what should I write in this blog. uhmmm defini...

Ok how was the story? why suddenly posting a blog post like this? I seriously have no idea what should I write in this blog. uhmmm definitely not a recipe haha that's my other blog. So I was thinking maybe I should write about some of my favorite things. Why not? Maybe someone out there will try it out because of me? Haha I will talk about anything like really really anything. I will just pick random stuff that I have been liking in the particular month. Ok, this is the first time. Let's just start it, shall we?

Mango Yoghurt Drink with Coconut Jelly
Lemme tell you that I am a bubble tea addict. I drink bubble tea yesterday, today and tomorrow. I own 6 different bubble tea loyalty cards. I can just drink bubble tea every single day hahahahahha BUT ok take a deep breath BUT yep BUT one night, it was a very hot night and I am so thirsty and I don't want something sweet, so I dare my self to ask the waitress to give me something sour and fresh and she recommended me this goodie and I instantly fell in love. I've been ditching my bubble tea for quite some time lol I used to buy 4 glass bubble tea in a week but now I buy 3 bubble tea and 1 this delish mango yoghurt especially in the hot days. Yummmmmm

Suave Strawberry Conditioner 
Ok I am obsessed with anything related to strawberry  and I use Suave shampoo for years but I never buy the conditioner because I CAN'T FIND IT here !!!! But one day I went to grocery store and they sell it now. oh em gee. My strawberry hair ♡♡♡♡♡♡ you can see I almost empty the bottle. Anyway bad news, I dyed my hair so I need a "stronger" hair treatments and I am looking for another shampoo and conditioner that focused on damaged hair .so yeah baby, bye for now ok :(

Candle Burner
What's the common thing in these two picture? Yep my "love" aromatherapy candle burner :D isn't it cute? I bought it only 17.000 IDR which is like a dollar and 50 cent. Look at the love shadows in the back :D so pretty!

Burgundy Nail Polish
Burgundy nailsssssssss. Oh yeshhhh this is my favorite color ever. I practically didn't remove it at all for a whole month. You can buy it at Oriflame in shade "passion red" it almost purple-y red. It's soooo sexy :D

For One More Day- Mitch Albom
Where do I have to start? I sincerely recommend you guys to read this book even though you don't like to read. It's a very short story and very very easy to understand. I do really love heavy reading. So I am not quite fond with Mitch Albom's books because the book is like 1/20 pages of book that I usually read. But my friend recommended this one so bad. She said to me for at least try it. So, I read it finally last month and I cried the whole night. I reflect my self. I can't move. I just there curling my self to sleep on the bed. Please read it. It's beautiful story. You will miss your mom even more. We are so busy with our life. We sometimes neglect our parents. Please just simply read it. It will only take 2 hours to read the entire book.

Pure Seduction Body Butter
I use it all. I practically scrap it until the last drop ahahhahahaha I am a body butter person so yeah I always love to try a new things and this one I bought it with a special discount. The smell is just ah-maaazing. I love it. I will buy the other one today. IDK I maybe will buy another scent? *Finger crossed*

Hurting Child - George Nazuka
Lately, I have been listening to this song a lot in the morning :( it's just so beautiful. I think it becomes my favorite song of George. It beats Talk to Me. I mean I love ALL George song but this one is my favorite. Just try to listen the lyric and his beautiful voice is really a heaven on earth. I love him.

wow! what a long post. Well that's all. See you later!

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  1. hello, may I know where's you buy that conditioner strawberry? ><

    1. Halo . Aku beli di grandlucky di SCBD ;) lengkap disana produk suave nya ..