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february - april 2014 favorite

Wow I can't believe it's May already. That means I am gonna reveal what's the thing I love in February and April . BTW, I was...

Wow I can't believe it's May already. That means I am gonna reveal what's the thing I love in February and April . BTW, I was sick for a week. I passed out in the office :( it's just horrible but I am getting better now. So, let's get start it :)

Dark blue beanie
Another 2 dollar beanie which I start to wear every single day for at least a week in March lol the sad thing is, I lost it :( arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but it's almost summer so I don't need beanie anyway :D

Quickly chocolate ice
Well hello obesity hahahhahah I gained 6 kilos because I drink this stuff for maybe 10 times in March. It's just sooooooo good. It's best chocolate ice in the town but I don't drink this anymore. I just promised my self to not drink this again until next month :D plus doctor forbid me to drink or eat strange things. I'm gonna have only healthy food for April :(

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell
Let me tell you how hard to find this book in Jakarta. Well not only in Jakarta because my friend who lived in Abu Dhabi also looking for this book. That just makes me curious about the book!!!!!!!!!!!! when I saw this in the book store (the only copy left) I grabbed it. This is not a heavy reading material compared to 10 books of vampire academy books I read in the same month lol but the idea of the story is so heart warming. It just makes me want to fall in love again :( It's just simply beautiful. I read the other book of Rainbow Rowell before, this is definitely better! Go read it if you have time.

The Fault in our stars
Another book that I love this month! It must be because I am single, that's why I am a bit romantic and longing for some love LMAO So, this book got me.

Love Spell Body Butter
I told you before that I am a body butter addict, right? lol I bought the other scent of Victoria Secret Body Butter. I am loving the quality as always. I mean I never disappointed with the scent from VS before. So, for me their product are always that good.

silver glitter nails

This picture is enough! It's from Tony Moly, I bought it just because Queen Qian is endorsing Tony Moly :D Wearing it without the base color is super pretty but it is so not me? hahhaha it's too delicate and princess-y lol so I use red first then coat it with the glitter! yeah, now that's me!

Justin Bieber fall
Yep, you read it right. Justin bieber hehehhehehehhe this song is my guilty pleasure. I never heard the original version, knowing this song because Ariana Grande did cover the song in her youtube channel but holy crap, Justin's accoustic version is also soooooo good. I usually listen this in the night before sleep just for a piece of peace. Enjoy! This one is so good from Justin Bieber.

ok thats all, lovelies :) see ya in May with April favorite!

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  1. omg legit scream when I read Justin is on your list. damn it Justin. he might be an a**hole, but he does make a good song (well some of

    1. he makes mediocre songs sound so good in his live acoustic version :D