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June 2014 Favorite

What the corn. It’s a half of 2014 already? I can't believe I did nothing lol wait wait wait before I told you about my June favorite...

What the corn. It’s a half of 2014 already? I can't believe I did nothing lol wait wait wait before I told you about my June favorite, I am gonna tell you the big news of June. yesss yesss omg yesssssssssss f(x) coming back with their new album. Gahhhhh my babies!!!!!! teasers is released in the last June and their CB stage will be at July,3rd! I already pre-ordered the album. Ok enough spazzing! let's roll!

Before I fall-Lauren Oliver
I re-read this book last month because I see one of my favorite Youtuber recommended this book and I was like "damn I know right????!!!!" I believe if you google “books you have to read before you die” this book is always in the list. What's so special about it ? First, this looks like a light reading material, you know the book that you just read in summer with ice coffee and then in a day you will finish reading it. It IS actually that light but the great part of this book is, it makes you think about life decision in general. Like what if you did and what if you didn't. It's insightful. I just well, how do I put it in words? This book left you speechless. I discuss this book with my friend for at least an hour after I finish reading it. You know the happy feeling when someone can finally relate to you after you are done reading a book. This book can do that!

Leather heels from a random store in mall
IDK about you guys but this shoes is gorgeous in my opinion. Like super gorgeous !!!! the black leather, the brown heels, the strap and the silver studs. It's pretty casual, so I can wear it everywhere. It's an old shoes but I use it again this summer.

Korean face mask
How come they have like gazillion of different type of face masks? I just can't choose you know. Well, I tried these two first and this feels nice and doesn’t cause any breakout. I use it before sleep and massage the remaining moisture to my face. This OFC don’t make my skin suddenly flawless ahhahaha as I said before it feels nice on your skin in the summer.

Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow in bad to the bronze
it's a makeup item that Estee from Essiebutton recommended and I just buy it right away lol this stuff is sooooooo good like literally sooooooooo good. You just apply it on your eyelid with your finger and that’s it. Put eyeliner and mascara and you are done. The staying power is ah-maaaaaaaazing. It lasts all dayyyyyy. I apply it in the morning and I remove it at night with makeup remover.

Well, I guess that’s all for June. It's not that much kekkekke see you soon!

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