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July - August 2014 favorite

Here we are in September, hmmmm it's easy to name July and August favorite because I noticed it immediately and there was not much ...

Here we are in September, hmmmm it's easy to name July and August favorite because I noticed it immediately and there was not much hehehhe. lets get rolling:

Before I fall-Lauren Oliver
I re-read this book last month because I see one of my favorite Youtuber recommended this book and I was like "damn I know right????!!!!" I believe if you google “books you have to read before you die” this book is always in the list. What's so special about it ? First, this looks like a light reading material, you know the book that you just read in summer with ice coffee and then in a day you will finish reading it. It IS actually that light but the great part of this book is, it makes you think about life decision in general. Like what if you did and what if you didn't. It's insightful. I just well, how do I put it in words? This book left you speechless. I discuss this book with my friend for at least an hour after I finish reading it. You know the happy feeling when someone can finally relate to you after you are done reading a book. This book can do that!

Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow in bad to the bronze
it's a makeup item that Estee from Essiebutton recommended and I just buy it right away lol this stuff is sooooooo good like literally sooooooooo good. You just apply it on your eyelid with your finger and that’s it. Put eyeliner and mascara and you are done. The staying power is ah-maaaaaaaazing. It lasts all dayyyyyy. I apply it in the morning and I remove it at night with makeup remover.

French lavender from bath and bodyworks
ok here we go, from a girl who do dishes, cook a lot and even sometimes doing their own laundry and ironing clothes. Lemme tell you my hands is rough!! okay, so I never forget to have a hand cream in my bag. I bought the lotion because its small. So, I can use this as my hand cream plus let's just buy the body mist too lol You know why I choose this? because it's purple hahaha off course purple never goes wrong.

revlon nail polish in shade Raven Red
This color is my style! I usually wear nail polish when I am on period (I am a moslem, only can wear nail polish in this particular time) but I cheated a lot this month. I attended 4 weddings and I wore this nail polish color all the time in every single wedding that I attend. That's how much I love this color!

The night circus - Erin Morgenstern
It is an old novel that I start re -reading because I haven't got any new book this month :( this one is recommended by my very best friend Virna. When she said she loves a book, better believe her because she is nuts about book!!!! she has a blog doing book review. please check her out click me! 

the body shop perfume oil - moroccan rose  
As you all know I love flower scent. I never like fruits scent for perfume. I bought this rose oil perfume and I immediately fall in love. It has a good job staying power and ohhhhhhhh with my rose soap, this really compliment my body scent *sniffs sniffs*

Wardah Body butter
TBH I bought this because I am on tight budget but woooow surprisingly I love it!!!! the scent is better than TBS strawberry! this one is richer in texture! wow and the price man, 1/3 than TBS. I will try other scent. I am very satisfied!!!!!!

f(x)- red light
I bought both the version of the albums. I just can't help my self. I just want to support my baby boo aka Victoria :D I love all the tracks especially Red Light it self, Dracula, Paper Heart, Rainbow, Vacance, Butterfy, All night and Milk. I love 8 out of 11 songs in the album. They never disappoint! f(x) is just an ah-mazing group !

kerastase conditioner
I really really have a fine hair. If you are my best friend. You will know how fussy I am about shampoo and conditioner. I will try my best to find the best volumizing shampoo out there. My hair is not only fine but also very thin. It runs on the family. My sister got it worse. If you try to caress my head, u will feel my scalp right away. That's how thin they are and lately IDK why but mom suddenly said "find a better hair treatment I see your hair falls out a lot in the shower" and I am like "reallly???that much???" she said yes :(. If you read this please help me :( I really want to have a thicker hair :( I bought this because my friend recommended this to me. I don't have that much of hair fall as of now and plus it smells so good  but if there is something better, please tell me.

cocoa lip butter palmers
It's Ramadhan for moslem. Imagine have no food and drink for 14 hours. How chapped your lips is every single day. This is my savior seriously for this month, I just use this in the morning and it helps me throughout the day. Thank you!I frigging love it! This one is really really a good lip balm! I seriously recommend this :)

winter's tale by mark helphrin
IDK why there is a lot of bad review of this book? i guess im the only one who love it? its a very thick book and very very descriptive. I just love this kind of book. There are many beautifully descriptive passages, even for the wind and snow. It's beautiful for me :) This book is magic! This novel definitely is for readers, not for people who say they like to read but actually they don't. It's a long reading experience. It could be a boring book for most of people but for me hell no. It's a great book, it did an excellent job of allowing readers to loose them selves in it's pages. It has great story and great characters. What a pleasant journey for me.

zedd- find you

I think i just fall in love with zedd :D Damn boy, he is so handsome and super talented. OMG and his acoustic version of his songs is just so asdfgghjlkjhgfdsa huhuhuhuhu my favorite is Find You. It was definitely on repeat this month along with f(x) albums!

ok, that's all for this month. See ya next month :)

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