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January 2015 Favorite

It's first month of 2015 and I have this huge task that I can't tell you guys here. This task needs to be done before the end of ...

It's first month of 2015 and I have this huge task that I can't tell you guys here. This task needs to be done before the end of February and I feel like running out of time. I think I will take hiatus from blogging for 2 months. I accomplished my diet mayo but I have no time to update you all. Soon after I am done with this huge task of mine, I will update my blog again. Meanwhile enjoy this January favorite first hehehehhehe

Starbucks coffee
I am gonna be honest that I don't like buying coffee from Starbucks with my own money lol a friend of mine give me a SB card with some balance that I can spend ahahhaha That's why I bought a loooot of coffee from there last month. My favorite is butter cookie latte. 

Milani baked blush in luminoso
Uwooooo it is my new favorite blush. I have only 3 blush in my entire life. Ha! you won't believe me but yes I am not into blush and if I bought one, it takes more than a year to finish it so I don't see why people own so many blush? I only have the Mac one (which I throw it away because it's too old already), Maybelline one and this Milani. To tell you the truth, it's my first peachy blush. Ahhhh love it! I don't need to use a highlighter anymore because it gives you the glow you need in the right place. 10 point out of 10. I looooove this so much.

Aloe vera gel thingy from Nature Republic
Let's be honest I am buying this just because EXO endorsing the product lol so I am like "uh oh gotta try coz oppa using it" lol. They said it's a multi-purposes product but the only thing I do with this product is using this before sleep all over my body then cover it with clothes and socks. I did hate this product before when I use it in summer time because it's too slippery and gooey but when I use it around this time, it's perfect. The weather is just drying you out so you kinda need a lot of moisturizer and this product is perfect for my body.

Book recommendation
I loved this book so much that I always say it to everyone to try to get their hands on it. It's sharp, witty, heartwarming and entirely entertaining. Bee is 15 yo and loves her mother, her eccentric and troubled mother, who one day disappears. The book is a meta-compilation supposedly put together by Bee of emails, articles and other assorted correspondences that tell the story of Bernadette: what made her who she is and what led up to her disappearance. The first 75% of the book is just a delightful satire. There are parts when I just want to hit my head on the walls, there are part of me wanting to cry. This book is so real! please please please read it :)

Scented candles
It's a perfect time to burn candles because rainy cold season is here. Spice up your room with warm and lovely candles!! 

Song of the month
Because I attended Michael Bubble concert last month, I have all of his songs in repeat since the end of December lol and this song is one of my favorite song of him all of the time <3 

That is all for this month. I hope I can write more for February but I am not promising you. I am gonna do the best as I can *crossesfingers* bye everyone. muwahhhh

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