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Heihoooooo <3 I confessed that I did not write a favorite blog post last month because I only have 2 items. So, I decided to just put ...

Heihoooooo <3 I confessed that I did not write a favorite blog post last month because I only have 2 items. So, I decided to just put it in my March favorite in hoping that the blog post will not become so boring hehhehe OK then let's just started :)

The Body Shop Mini Shower Gel
TBH I picked this randomly. I always know TBS product will always smell good. So, I did not worry at all. My confidence is right, I ended up loving all the products. My favorite is definitely the rose one. I am a fan of flower scent as you all know hehhehe

Revlon Parfumerie in African Tea Rose
Look at this color and you tell me you don't like it because I bet you will not even dare! hahahha This color is just too pretty >< Plus it smells so good. I never tried scented nail polish before. This is my first time and I am so satisfied!

Dry Shampoo Batiste
If it's not because of those Youtubers that I subscribe, I will not know this thing exists. I recommend this product to all of you especially us Indonesian. Since we live in a tropical country. No matter how many times we shampoo our hair (me, once every day). At the end of the day, my hair is so greasy and flat. EWW! and imagine you want to go out later after work with your girl friends or want to go to cinema with your boyfriend but your hair looks unpleasant?!!?!!! Do not worry ladies, we have this product now hahahaha you just spray it to the root of your hair and then give your scalp a little massage and that's all. The oil will be gone and your hair will look more voluminous in an instant. 

Rachel Ray - My Year in Meals
ahhhhh I finally got this book! look at the marks all over the book hehehhe I just want to try all the recipes right away. I am just happy by looking to this photo. ahhhh <3 I don't think I need to write a lot about this book, because the tittle speaks for itself. This book contains ALL the food that Rachel cooked for her family in a year. So, you can imagine how many recipes in this book!

The Body Shop Body Butter- Atlas Mountain Rose
This one is not in reguler price IDK why? it's Rp 20.000 more expensive then the rest of TBS body butter. Maybe because it's a special edition? I don't mind tho because it smells so effin good! It is a freaking rose scent for god's sake! Using this after taking a bath with the rose soap is a perfect combination! My bath experience never feel the same way again LOL

Glamglow Mud Pack
hahahaha I look like smurf. I gave this mask a try because I am so curious. It seems like everyone talk about this mask! It is super expensive for my poor pocket! I don't think I will buy this again tho I can't afford it hahahhaha It feels nice after you use this but NAH my pocket feels not nice hahhaha I don't really recommend this product to you all but if you have an extra Rp 700.000 for a small jar mud mask then buy it. I still pick the Garnier one over this :D but still it's my favorite this month. I have to enjoy my money that I spent :p

That is all for my February/March favorite. see ya next month :)

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