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April 2015 favorite

I have a pitiful April TBH. I have been sick for a week and I've never felt this crap before in my whole life. I just feel horrible....

I have a pitiful April TBH. I have been sick for a week and I've never felt this crap before in my whole life. I just feel horrible. I cried every night and want to puke every second. So after I feel better, I just feel like pampering myself lol I bought a lot of girly stuff for myself ahhahaha

The body shop body butter-papaya
It matches with my body shower. So taking shower with this papaya body gel then apply this papaya body butter on my skin feels so good before going to sleep.

L’occitane shampoo
It smells so healthy hahhaha if “healthy” could describe a smell lol why expensive shampoo feels so great? It does smell amazing, lathers easily, makes my bleached hair look glowy and healthy, without wearing them down. The price tag is quite expensive, but since you don't need much of the product the bottle will last a long time! I will buy it if I have extra money again but if I don’t then bye bye.

NYX golden nail polish
It is my first NYX nail polish. Wow I never knew they have good nail polishes. I bought this because I need a good golden nail polish for a wedding party. I am not regretting. This is as gorgeous as you can see. Seriously, I just pampered myself so I can feel better.

Vaseline petroleum gel
This is my all time favorite product. I know this product for ages because I am a trumpet player so I need this for my lips but now I am using this not only for my lips but also for my lashes before went to bed hehehe and also for my chapped feet.

Cute shoes from Bandung
I had a short trip with my bff last month and I bought this because I think it suits me the most. This is already became my everyday office heels hehhehe it is so pretty and so “me”.

Dilmah tea
I can’t drink coffee because I was so sick. So tea is my friend hehhehe this is the tea I bought for this month. It smells so good and I sometimes pour milk on it like a British :p I’m kidding :p

1-800-WHERE-R-U series

I read 5 books from this series in this month because I was just basically sleeping all day and I need a light book. So I decided to read this book. This series revolves around Jessica Mastriani, an ordinary 16-year-old girl given extraordinary psychic powers after being struck by lightning. Her powers allow her to know the exact location of missing children; after seeing a picture of a person, they appear in her dreams. Yeah I know it is teen stories lol but I enjoyed it this month.

I guess that is all for this month and see you later.

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