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I have quite a lot of things I did like in May. Let’s just get started :D To kill a mocking bird –Harper Lee Damn, I need almost 2 y...

I have quite a lot of things I did like in May. Let’s just get started :D

To kill a mocking bird –Harper Lee
Damn, I need almost 2 years to finish this book. I bought it as a gift to myself on my 23rd birthday and I finally read it. I think I read it before like 20 pages and then I caught up with life and I just forget it. This is a heavy reading so, this didn’t fit my need at that time and although life been hectic almost every day, I decided to finish this book this month without reading anything beside this book. I talked about this issue before with my best friend “do you have some books that u dying to read but ur hands seems not wanting to get the book” and she said (she is a total bookworm BTW) “off course I do!” I feel kinda relieved when I heard her answer, that means it is normal to have that kind of moments in your reading journey LOL

Anyway, this book is primarily a novel about growing up under extraordinary circumstances in the 1930s in the Southern United States. The story covers a span of three years, during which the main characters undergo significant changes. The book's setting is a small town in Alabama, and the action behind Scout's tale is her father's determination, as a lawyer, liberal, and honest man, to defend a Negro accused of raping a white girl. I thought this was a great book for tweens or teens. It really let you feel like you were the in the characters shoes. Simply put, this book is a classic! I think everyone should read it at some point in their life.

Revlon nail polish in teak rose
Just look at the color. It is a super pretty warm color and it makes your hands looks brighter. I don’t think I ever found my friend who doesn’t like this color when they borrow my nail polish. They will say “can I have your gorgeous muted roses nail polish again?” hahahahahhahahah

New Balance shoes
I bought it months back but I only use it in weekend lol but now, I use it almost every single day to run before going to work :D raining season is over so, I can go to jogging track around my house every day.

The balm- down boy blush

Definitely a great blush. VERY pigmented. So, be careful. This is a very pinky rose color that is  perfect blushing shade. Even if you apply a little more it's okay because it's like a your cheeks but better kind of blush. Down boy is cool toned matte pink blush. At the first, I thought it wont look good on my cheeks but after tried it I absolutely love it! The blush is so pigmented so you just have to tap your brush on the pan, and lightly apply it on your cheeks.

LA splash lip couture
I just loved the matte finish of it as I'm so addicted to matte lipstick and this is just so better than other matte finish lipsticks or lip stains. Long Lasting formula totally works. I can wear it all day long. Amazing lipstick. Completely transfer proof. If you are looking out for some long lasting no stain lipstick then this is it! The colours are superb.

Ariana Grande- Right there
Youtube suggested the acoustic video of Ari singing this to me and I was blown away!!!!!!! I do love the original song but this version is better!!!!! Omg listen to this now and you can thank me later :p

That is all for this month, guys. See ya :)

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