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God, it is August already and 2015 is definitely one of the hardest year so far in my entire life but I’ve never felt so motivated up u...

God, it is August already and 2015 is definitely one of the hardest year so far in my entire life but I’ve never felt so motivated up until now. I feel like my life is on fire and I just want to strive harder every day. So, I guess that’s the benefit of 2015. I don’t know before that I am this strong. Anyway, June-July is pretty much Ramadhan (hello sleeping 3 hours a day) and Eid (hello traveling for the countless time). So, by the end of July I felt sick and just lied down on the bed reading and snacking lol I don’t have a lot of favorite things in July. So, let’s get start it :D

Mini Wallet - Stradivarius
I have so many weddings to attend this month (I mean what’s new? It feels like all my weekend is just me busy attending wedding). There is so many occasion where I have to use a lot of clutch bags. That means, I can’t bring my wallet because it’s just too big for a clutch bag. Originally, I bought this wallet for a vacation because I can simply bought cards that I need and just a little bit of cash. I don’t know before that this mini wallet will come in handy in the future. Hehehehe

Love Spell from Victoria's Secret
I really love “Love Spell” from Victoria secret. It is actually my favorite scent since I was in high school LOL when I see this on sale item this month because of Jakarta Great Sale, I did not waste my opportunity. I bought this right away.

Crazy rich asian (1st book) and rich chinese girlfriend (2nd book)
Oh gosh, finally a book that finally we all can relate ahahahhahahahah those who are Chinese living outside mainland will absolutely agree with this book lmao it is so funny and uhm true! But if you don’t familiar with the culture itself, you won’t get how true this book is with reality. Even though im not a Chinese, these past 5 years, I have been loving their culture because a certain someone aka Victoria lol So, reading this I can somehow understand it. There is even some Chinese conversation here and there in this book and I understand it right away lol

Panic by Lauren Oliver
It is also my new favorite book! It is written by Lauren Oliver, one of my favorite book author in this world. She wrote one of the book that I claimed "a must read book before I die". So, when I see this new book of hers finally on the local book store, I am so excited to pick this up. I read ¼ of this book when I was on vacation in February. I had to ride a train for 8 hours. So, I brought this book along with me but then I moved to a new house, i have no idea where the heck is this book yada yada yada

So anyway, this month I finally finished this book. It is an extraordinary novel of fear, friendship, courage, and hope that Kirkus Reviews says "will have readers up until the wee hours”. Well, I agree on that! This psychological thriller is well-written, unpredictable and entertaining. This book takes us to a small town where every summer the graduating seniors complete the game called Panic. It's a test of nerves and fearlessness and whoever makes it to the end wins the big cash prize. Heather wants the money to get her little sister away from their mother and the trailer park they call home, while Dodge is playing for revenge. It's a very very very high stakes game with more at risk than money.

This book is brilliant; let me start off with that. It's fast paced and even when the pace drops, the plot still keeps you hooked. The setting is realistic and the characters, Heather and Dodge especially, are well developed and interesting. It’s well-written and attention­-grabbing. All in all, I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to everyone.

OH and I also read the other book of Lauren Oliver this month. The other book is called "Vanishing Girls" and TBH I don't really like it compared to "Panic".  It is a new book so I don't have friends that I can discuss this book with. It just frustrates me after I finished reading it. It left me speechless in a bad way and I just had to stare at my ceiling at 1 am for an hour to absorb the story. Anyway , check out Panic first!

L'occitane Body Lotion
I advise you to buy it only if you want to pamper yourself with something nicely scented and pleasant to use. The formulation is actually quite thin- much thinner than I would expect from a super-hydrating lotion. As for moisturizing properties, it’s enough to handle my dry skin. The scent is quite light. It's not bad, but it's kind of a shame. L'occitane has so many beautiful scents, I would love it if this was scented with their lavender body butter. BTW, I didn’t use it as my body lotion but for my everyday hand lotion.

Soap&glory – clean on me

There is soap & glory now in sephora Indonesia. So, I tried this soap because I have no soap at my other home and omg it smells so good and it is so creamy so it’s actually moisturized our skin! So so so so so good <3

Dilmah Tea- Green tea with jasmine
Seems like I’ve become a tea addict on this point? Hahahha So, I was sick again this month (I guess I need to take care of my body). I can’t swallow anything for almost 10days. All I eat is porridge and biscuit dipped in a tea every day. Poor me. And I google the home remedy for a sore throat is actually a honey-lemon tea but I don’t have any tea anymore. So, I bought this one and it smells sooooooo nice and taste so great (I am a fan of green tea hehhehe). Thanks God, I feel better now.
ok Girls, see ya next month :) strive harder <3

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