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pamper friday night routine

Today I am going to show you how I have a nice At Home Spa / Pamper Night! Who doesn’t love those? They are the best thing in the world, e...

Today I am going to show you how I have a nice At Home Spa / Pamper Night! Who doesn’t love those? They are the best thing in the world, especially after a stressful week! It’s always good to pamper yourself! plus i dont like going out hehehhehe So, I dont really go watch movies or go to the latest cafe with my friends in the weekend. I prefer chilling at home. Anyway, let's get started!

First thing first is to turn on some of my favorite music. Jason Reeves, Joshua Radin, James Morrison, Colbie Caillat, Tori Kelly, The Corrs and Matt Nathanson will be on my list. Now after I get into the mood, I have to get that annoying makeup off! Once the makeup is off, full pamper mode begins! I just use baby oil and wet tissue to remove my makeup. I honestly never bought any makeup remover ever in my life hehhehe Then I wash my face with SKII cleanser. I have used SKII products for a couple of months now. What a change after 4 years always using product from my dermatologist. I finally moved on using mass production product lol

The next step, I’ll use a hair mask. The one I used is this one hair energy thingy in that green box. I don’t have a thick hair anyway. So, I finished this product after a year. I am then using my home made coffee sugar scrub to achieve some nice smooth skins! Next, I would probably shave my legs then I use my body wash with a loofah to get super clean! then I will shampoo my hair afterwards.
Then i will come out from bath room and change into comfortable pajamas. Next is FACE MASK TIME! WOO! This is the most obvious thing to do on a pamper night, so we shall. While waiting my mask to dry. I am gonna make hot chocolate or coffee with lots of milk because friday night is time for Korean dramas and off course I also make some warm chocolate toast cause I don’t care about calories in the weekend. Then I am gonna wash my mask off and tone my face with skii toner then use the FTE afterwards.
And because I am a weirdo, I am still gonna use my deodorant even tho I am going to sleep and off course, we have to moisturize, so I am using any body butter that I have. And NOW, for the grand finale (if i am on period) of our perfect pamper night, we must do the most pampery of pamper thing. That is paint our nails! but if I am not on period I will just file my nails. I will also find the time to whitening my teeth while watching k dramas using this whitening kit from White Plus oh and I will apply petroleum jelly too afterwards to my lips cause the formula of the whitening teeth is so drying. Then I will probably watch k-dramas till 3am in the morning ahhahahhaha but before I finally sleeping  I am gonna use my hydrating mask till I wakeup to hydrate my face.
So, there you have what I love to do for my At-Home Spa / Pamper Nights. Now, it’s your turn, so go ahead, woman, pamper yourself! You deserve it!

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  1. Been searching for a teeth whitening product, does the Plus White really works well? Where did you get it? Thanks!

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    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. I got it from . A trusted online shop. It does make a lot of difference to my teeth. But if u have a sensitive teeth, i think it wud be a bit painful. Other than that, a very great product!