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Woah when was the last time I wrote this kind of blog post? 4 months ago? WOW it’s been a long time. Actually I have a looooooots of go...

Woah when was the last time I wrote this kind of blog post? 4 months ago? WOW it’s been a long time. Actually I have a looooooots of good things to share but I am just too lazy to post it because I’ve been attending a lot of makeup classes and I am also starting my new business as a wedding organizer. hehehe Wish me luck! ;)

Mind you to grab some snacks cause it is gonna be a long long long read :p TBH, some of my friends who read my blog asking me why did I write these kind of posts? and I said that I love writing things that I love. So, I will not regret buying crap products in the future and memories will fade anyway so, jotting down notes like this will be so helpful if I happened to forget the name of the products. Plus, if there is someone up there who found this blog post helpful, I will be forever happy! So, let's get started!

Lorac The Royal Pro Eye Collection
Oh my Oh my Oh my. Ya all know how much I love my naked palette 1 and 2 right????? And I didn’t own any other eye shadow palette cause it will be not as good as urban decay but I had enough with people saying Lorac has the best color payoff among all high end cosmetics so I had to have it! I did choose this holiday palette because it is rather cheap compared to the Lorac pro palette (later baby later) and yessssss people!!! It does not disappoint!

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Pigment- Utopia
This is my first eye shadow pigment that I owned. There is nothing bad about this product. I really love this eye shadow pigment. I always love to use this to attend night event. Words won’t enough to describe how gorgeous this product is. Here is some picture of me with this product on.

Tutu nails
Got introduced about this product by my coworker because she is about to have an engagement party and has the prettiest nail ever. I thought she went to those expensive nail salon (never been in one, cause the price is ridiculous) but she said she did it by herself and only cost around $2!!!!!!! I was so shocked and then she told me to see their instagram. Luckily, that time they have a pop store in one of the mall closed to my house, so I rushed myself to be there and bought 5 packages lol no need to spend $40 dollar my friends, these $2 nail sticker is everything you all need.

L’occitane hand cream
My hands are rough. I do my own laundry, ironing, I take care of my whole house by myself, I garden, I cook, I take care of my dishes and everything since I was in high school. Hand cream is very essential for me. I always have hand cream in my bag every single time. This becomes my ultimate favorite because of the scent. Ya all know I love me some flowery scent <3 I chose this scent right away and I can sense I will repurchase this at least for a year lol

TBS body butter- raspberry
Kyaaaaaaaah love love love love it!no complaint as usual for TBS body butter.

Essence lip liner – red blush, honey berry, femme fatale, cute pink
I have two fav Instagram shop regarding makeup @preordermimo and @bilikayu. Mba Eva, the owner @bilikayu introduce this lip liner and instantly famous among her customer. I remember it is sold out in a day! And she said that it’s even better than MAC. So, I bought one because the price is so cheap. The first shade that I bought is red blush and omg its soooooooooo creamy, so pigmented, so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! So I had to buy the other 3 shades and I am so satisfied and can’t help to tell all my friends to buy it!!!! This lip liner is everything, I don’t even need to top it with lipstick because the color payoff is awesome and the color is so pretty! Buy buy buy!!!!!!!!

Tori Kelly
I know Tori because Miranda Sings have a collaboration video with her. I will link it here. Her voice OMG !!!!! she is easily the best singer in this generation !!! no offense, Ariana I love you but Tori is the better vocalist !!! wow. If Beyonce and Mariah Carey had a baby, Tori will be their child! Her voice is perfection!!!!! I cant pick my favorite song of her. I love every song! But my recommendation to all of you who doesn’t know her will be “Dear no one”, “Should’ve been us”, “Hollow”, “I was made for loving you” and “unbreakable smile”. God, she is flawless! Check out all these live performances by her! *bows down to queen Tori*

F(x)- 4 walls album 
F(x) finally released their new album after 1 year and 4 months since their last album. All praises coming from music critiques seems like a common thing for f(x) album. They are easily one of the best group in kpop land. Their album always get the best review. My favorite song in this album is “rude love” , “Traveler” feat Zico and “Cash me out”. The main single is a grower, at first I don’t really like it and think “rude love” would be a better main single but after I see the full performance with the choreography, wow the performance is so aesthetically beautiful!!!! Check it out!

Favorite books
The last four months, I read quite a lot of book. Esp after my friend sent me more than 10 books to read in September. I can’t help to read it a lot esp on those quiet night when my mind is busy wandering alone. If I had to pick my most favorite, I think it would be P.S. I Still Love You and To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han . Because of this book, I finally let my 7 years unrequited love go. I think for those passive girl like me, this book would be the wakeup call for us to finally do something about our unrequited love lol it’s a girly book (not my favorite type of genre TBH) , but those times was one of the hardest time of my life with lots of unresolved questions, endless doubt and unforgivable regrets. So I had to ask my best friend Virna to send me all light books that could make my mind busy. here are our conversations about this book LOL Virna is that type of friends that i bother at 2 am just to discuss books hahahha

Phew what a long read hehehehe congrats to you who read it all! see you in the next favorite blog post! muwah

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  1. aww naksir tutu nailsnyaaa... is it long lasting?

    1. Aku pakein top coat lagi bisa sampe seminggu . Padahal ak tiap hari cuci piring sendiri :p

  2. Replies
    1. Udah gag promo lagi. Kmrn 100rb dpt 4 . Skrg ud normal 30rb lagi per pack :(((( bagus mba. Ayo ayo beli *racundunia*