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Hello 2016 ! I always feel like January is just a trial month every year. Life is actually begun at February! First month already done an...

Hello 2016 ! I always feel like January is just a trial month every year. Life is actually begun at February! First month already done and I have a couple of things I really like. So, here we go!!!!

Customized notebook with my initial name
I actually bought it last year but I only use it lately. I have been attending a lot of meeting using this notebook and I always get compliment for my notebook. So, to answer all of my friend and client's curiosity, I am gonna reveal where did I buy this notebook. You all can buy it from pickyourmood . It does not disappoint! I love the finished product <3 

Bath and body works scented candle- autumn
This is my second jar of this particular scent, I just love this candle so much especially when its raining outside. Goshhhhh, it smells so good!!!!!!!

Plus white-5 minutes speed whitening system
I urgently need this whitening product for the big event I need to attend. I’m quite shy to post picture of my teeth but I swear on myself that it does make difference! I recommend you to watch this video below to see a better explanation of this product:

Jane austen-Emma
I actually watched the movie first last year and I love it! So, I decided to check the book and it took me 2 months to finish the book. Austen’s English is a bit difficult for me. I actually tried to read the translated version but it just confused me even more uh. This book was first published in December 1815. It’s a very classic book , you can tell. The guardian ranked this book at 37 as the 100 best novels all of the time. Austen is simply the supreme English novelist.

Emma Woodhouse is a financially secure woman who remarkably is in a state of power in her household. This gives her the option to ‘never marry.’ The plot was amusing and engaging and I genuinely found it a real page-turner. Despite the fact that Austen narrates their drama with a slight tone of sarcasm I still felt like I connected with the characters and actually cared what happened to them. However, the language is more at difficult standard so if you weren’t up for a more challenging read Emma probably isn’t the book for you.

Sam smith –latch cover by Daniela Andrade

Daniela has her own way to make a bad song into a good song. This song particularly, I don’t really like the original version but after I heard Daniela sing it, I suddenly in love with this song. Burning the candle I mention above + listening to this song while its raining is a perfect fit. So peaceful!

okay lovelies, that is all for this month. see ya~

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  1. cute notebook! I just ordered one from that site xD
    btw, where did you buy that teeth whitening? I want one!

  2. dan akhirnya ikutan belanja hahaa..

    and yeah.. bukunya Austen emang terlalu sulit untuk dimengerti, tapi versi english masih jauh lbh mudah di banding versi indo.. or at least, feelingnya kurang dapet kali ya klo udah diterjemahin :D

    recomended juga bbrapa buku Austen lainnya, and the movie to :)

    1. belanja notebook yah? :D

      iya overall translator indo pada kurang bgt .even buku yg ringan macam twilight , translated book nya gag dapet bgt feelnya huhuhuhu

  3. Iya, Jane Austen itu karya-karyanya recommended banget. Mungkin karena masih pakai bahasa English jadul ya, saya juga kadang harus ngulang-ngulang bacanya. Dan untuk karya klasik saya selalu merekomendasikan bahasa english daripada terjemahan hehe

    1. Betul mbak :) ga dapat essencenya klo baca terjemahannya. Seperti ada yg hilang hehehe