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There are so many things that I love last month! but I don't feel like explaining too much. I have a very bad mood due to some really...

There are so many things that I love last month! but I don't feel like explaining too much. I have a very bad mood due to some really personal reasons. Let me venting my anger here by writing some blog post hehehhehe

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture #01 'Le Rouge' 
This is my type of lipstick tbh lol red colour!!!! I love the texture, feels like silk on the lips, moisturizes, doesn't accentuate flakes, applies evenly and precisely. It smells sweet and flowery and the packaging looks very luxurious. 

Cute socks from Sovksocks 
I bought these socks through instagram and I love it so much!! There is nothing to brag about the socks tbh except it is so cute lol its only 5k each! 

Glass sword-Victoria Aveyard
Ya all know how I love the first book, right??? and I am still team Maven all the way!!! For all of you team Maven, you will be disappointed with this book because there is not much of Maven but if you are team Cal, this book is for you! I can’t spoil you the book but omfgggggggggggggggg its getting more intense!!!!!! I prefer this book compared to The hunger games or Divergent tbh! Go read it !

Sun glasses from Cotton on
I bought this because I went to Kuala Lumpur last month and ive been warned that its even hotter than Jakarta. It is indeed true! Im glad I brought my sunnies.

Dilmah tea
Just regular tea that I tried last month and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as you all know I start to like tea in order to decrease my coffee intake. I just had to put it here because that’s basically what I drink last month.

Artistry® Intensive Skincare renewing peel
My skin reacts badly to scrubbing material or any harsh peeling. So I have to choose the right product for my skin care. Im glad I found this!its very recommended, I feel like my skin becomes very smooth after I use this. After washing my face thoroughly I felt a difference on my skin. It looks brighter and my skin is so supple and moist.

D.O tell Me (What Is Love) [Feat. Yoo Young Jin]
my ears in heaven everytime I listen to this song. One of the best kpop song ever! It’s a ballad song so it would be pleasant to your ears. Please check this song out. You won’t regret it hehehe

That is all for this month. See you next month! Hope you have a great day ♡

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  1. Gara-gara postinganmu ini, aku jadi Googling Glass sword-Victoria Aveyard haha. Mau coba baca ah, lagi cari ide bacaan nih. Thanks ya rekomendasinya.

    1. maafkan aku menjadi racun tapi serius ini bagus banget bukunya :D gag akan nyesel! girl power bgt bukunya :D

  2. Dilmah Tea. Akhir2 ini sering "denger" pas lagi blogwalking. Enak ya mbak? Belinya dmn? #kepoh :))

    1. aku selalu beli di grandlucky sih tapi setau ku di carrefour ada deh :D enak sih wangi trs "deep" gitu rasanya

  3. Ya udahlah, akhir bulan kita beli, hahahaha asli pingin


  4. *cek dompet* cukup nih buat beli, ah si mbak bikin pingin


  5. Entah kenapa aku selalu gemes kalo liat kaos kaki, huuuuu. Sukaaaaaa!