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cr: pexels I am such a 2016 kind of girl. I can't live without Youtube in less than 12 hours. I can't stop looking at my su...

cr: pexels

I am such a 2016 kind of girl. I can't live without Youtube in less than 12 hours. I can't stop looking at my subscription bar just to check out what's new from my favorite Youtubers. I usually check my Youtube account before I sleep. I subscribe more than 150 channels lol I subscribe lots of makeup guru, cooking channel, English subber for my favorite korean TV show or drama and lots of account who cover other songs from famous singers. Out of 169 channel, I will pick my most favorite channel that I think I never miss a chance to watch their video ever!!!! The list is in no particular order. Oh Lord its a hard task, I love all of them :( but anyway lets choose :D

Angel unnie is one of my 1st makeup guru that I found in Youtube. I subscribed her since she still dating Aiden and now she is already pregnant with their second child. OMFG time flies. I do really really love everything about her and I take every of her tutorial like a religion lol every product that she mentioned, I will try my best to find it because she never disappoints me in recommending her product. Never. Her makeup tutorial is on point also her vlog is so entertaining. She deserves million subscribers!!!! 

Bubz!!!!!! ahhhh another makeup guru that I really adore omgggg!! while Angel is a quiet and lady like woman, Bubz offer different charms on her videos. She and her husband Tim omg lol they are really a couple made in heaven. They are so hillarious! the thing I love about her other than her fun videos is, she lives in a humid country just like me. So I found her makeup product choices suit my situation. 

OMFG I love Jen so much!!!!! She is really my inspiration in term of fashion. There are tons of fashion Youtube account but she has the style that I love the most. I think it may come from the fact that she is tiny like me lol so her advice and fashion pieces really compliment me and plus!!! her editing skill, woow!!! thumbs up!!!!!! fun fact: I subscribe 3 different Jen in youtube and they all korean living outside SK lol

Divas can cook
My favorite cooking channel. She makes tutorial very simple and easy.  No unnecessary talking that most of cooking Youtube account tend to have and her recipe is so easy to follow. Go check her account! you can all thank me later :D

I found Diana account at the end of last year. Where I have been????!! She is easily become my favorite right away ~ her eyebrow game is strong! her winged eyeliner is perfect and her inspiring story about losing weight just slap me in the face. She is the most gorgeous makeup Youtuber out there. I love love everything about her and her soothing voice, unh~~

Off course you can't leave Wayne when it comes to makeup. His technique is really helpful and there is no one like him in Youtube who explain things very deep. He made every explanation for everything I swear!!! seriously, you miss a world if you don't subscribe to his channel. I know how the right way to curl lashes, to powder, to find the right way to apply blush on. It's all thanks to him. I love you, Wayne !!!! 

oh Estee, I love this girl to deathhhhhhh. Her funny videos and her iconic makeup favorite. You will easily name it because when she said she does love thing, she loves it forever. no bullshit. I found it ridiculous to love/mention every mascara that makeup guru have in every monthly favorite video. When you name Estee, you easily can mention Maybelline rocket volume, Borjouis healthy mix, Maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze etc as her favorites. Lately I have been watching her other account (vlog account) more than her main channel lol She and Aslan are the cutest and her story that she pursue her love to London from Canada warms my cold heart awwwww <3 go married already you two :p 

muahahhahahah Nat, who doesn't love her? She is brilliant! I see a lot of other account that has similar content like her but no no no no one can win over her. Her video of everything gives me life ahahhahaha If you want to have a good laugh, go subscribe her~ :D

Laura in the kitchen
hehehehhe Laura Vitale <3333 I love this woman so much !!! I practiced her recipe a lot in my life. She is a life safer. Her recipe really comes in handy every time I want an Italian food and plus her baking skill, man!!!! She is the queen in the kitchen!!!!!!!

hmmmmmmmm This list seriously can goes on forever. I still haven't named a loooooot of my favorite !!! but I think I will stop this list here lol if not, I will describe all 169 channel that I subscribed lmao because there must be a reason I subscribe them, right?

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  1. wow...I think I need to subscribe to some good channels as well. It's useful for seeking information. Especially my kids. But I haven't made youtube to the top.

    1. yes yes, every social media is useful if we use it right ;) thank you for visiting <3