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What is in my daily makeup bag?

One thing that I will tell you before we start this blog post is that I leave this bag in my office drawer every day. I don't wear ma...

One thing that I will tell you before we start this blog post is that I leave this bag in my office drawer every day. I don't wear makeup from home. I always do it in my office before work while watching youtube and drink my morning coffee.

From left to right and top to bottom :
  • My leopard makeup bag. It's a free gift from Victoria Secret
  • Curling wand - Etude house
  • Bloating paper
  • Real mascara for my lashes - Maybelline volume express turbo boost
  • Almost-empty mascara to set my eyebrow in place - Maybelline rocket volume express
  • Perfume - currently Marc Jacobs - daisy
  • Revlon color burst lacquer balm- enticing desirable
  • Liquid eyeliner - wet & wild h2o
  • Maybelline color tattoo 24 hours - bad to the bronze
  • Eye drops
  • Lipstick that I use for blush - bourjois 03 rose sensual
  • Lipstick Mac - velvet teddy
  • Lip glosses - Smashbox illume
  • Lip balm - Palmers cocoa butter
  • Eyebrow pencil -Viva
  • Concealer. Etude house. Yes, I don't use foundation everyday and this concealer is actually my eyeshadow primer
It is really simple, right? I don't bring any brushes, foundation and powder. I don't apply foundation, bb cream, cc cream, concealer and whatsoever on my face everyday. I am just typical Asian who go to dermatologist to maintain my skin. It seems like its an expensive thing but TBH it's cheaper than buying a lot of skincare product like eye cream, moisturizer, night cream, serum, sun block then also foundation & concealer just for the "base makeup" . I'd rather go to doctor, consult my skin problem and do what they told me to do. So yeah, I don't use any base makeup at all. I only use it when I have to attend something formal like wedding. That is all :)

Second, Why do I bring "the almost-empty mascara"?Well, I am such a cheap skate. I don't buy eyebrow gel or whatsoever. I use my drying mascara to set my brow. I am glad that I have black hair so it matches so well :)

I also don't bring any eye shadow. yes I only use that Maybelline color tattoo. I only apply difficult eye makeup outside office life. I just keep it simple for office life. I also don't bring blush. It's just too much to bring my real blush because I have to bring the brush also! so I am just using rose color lipstick as a replacement for my blush. Think about the cream blush? that's how it works :)

and that's it. What do you think about my everyday makeup bag? very simple? or do you like it? how about you?
until next time~

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  1. Maya samaaaaa! Gue prefer ke SpKK dibanding conceals muka pake foundation or concealer. Ibarat mau nutupin masalah atau selesein masalah #lhaa

    Couple of weeks ago I also posted the same kind in my blog. Masih mending lu.. gw malah skincare gue yg gw masukin pouch, other than that cuma lipcream :))))

    1. lol tapi kalau lagi ga punya duit ama waktu berabe pas krim pada abis hahhahaha

      aku buruk rupa klo ga pake makeup hahahaha jadinya mesti bawa eyeliner dan teman-temannya :D nanti aku meluncur ke blogmu~