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How to pack clothes for holiday?

cr: pexel This is something that I always do everytime I go to travel somewhere. I take every picture of my clothes that Im gonna wear....

cr: pexel
This is something that I always do everytime I go to travel somewhere. I take every picture of my clothes that Im gonna wear. Then I put it in a plastic and label it each day. That way, I dont have  to rummage through my luggage everyday to find clothes and that way I also wont overpack. 

I also wear paper panties so I dont have to bring dirty panty back to Indonesia. Another tips that I would like to share is I only bring 1 bra with me. So I only have 2 bras (1 that I pack and 1 that I wear). I always wash the bra every night so I can have a clean bra everyday in the morning.

I also never bring jewelry or any accessories (well, 1 sunglasses is enough) when I go travelling. Its just too much for me to worry about tiny items when I'm about to check out from the hotel. I also bring 1 bag whenever I go travel. As long as my clothes is comfortable and clean, Im ready to goooooo.

8 hours being on the plane and hours of hours being in the airport oh and also being on the famous japanese train to go to the hotel, off course one thing that I worry about is being as comfortable as I can. So, here is my outfit. 
Black Legging: Plaza Semanggi
Dress: New Look
Shoes : New Balance
Jacket: Flea Market
Socks: Online
Bag: Stradivarius

After took a shower at the hotel, I plan to go to night strolling around hotel, watch festival and find a nice dinner with this outfit.
Denim dress: Topshop
Shoes: TLTSN
Cardigan: Zara
Bag: Stradivarius

A full day of going around Tokyo. I chose to wear a short jumper with a tshirt underneath and a comfortable shoes. 
Jumper: H&M
Tshirt: H&M
Bag: Stradivarous
Shoes: TLTSN
Sunglasses: Cotton On

Another day of going around Tokyo. My choice is an almost backless dress and a cute mary jane plus I gotta go to Osaka with a plane in the evening so legging is a must.
Dress: Mango
Nude Shoes: TLTSN
Bag: Stradivarius
Legging: ITC kuningan

Full day and night at Osaka. Better be comfortable.
Dress: Zara
Tshirt: ITC kuningan
Shoes: TLTSN
Bag: Stradivarius

My flight is in the evening so I have to go to Osaka airport to Tokyo then to Jakarta. Again, the key is being as comfortbale as possible. So I chose a legging and a mini dress.
Black Dress: Cotton On
Legging: ITC Kuningan
Shoes: New Balance
Socks: Online
Jacket: Flea market

For the record Im gonna spend 4 nights at Japan and I only bring 2 pair of pajamas cause who have extra luggage for pajamas?not me!!!  I always wash myself before sleeping. So I think 2 pajamas for 4 nights is not so bad.
1 legging + 1 black lace Mango camisol + 1 black GAP tanktop.

Final look to all the clothes that I prepare. I put it all in the clear plastic that will also store the dirty clothes later on. Don't pack the clothes that you are gonna wear to the Soetta Airport tho!

With all these clothes, it all can fit to the cabin luggage. Wohoooooo. So thats it all my tips to pack for travelling. How about you? Do you have any tips? Care to share?

photo sign_zpsqaqyukse.png

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  1. wah aku paling malas kalau packing , terutama kalau sudah selesai liburan banyak pakaian kotor

  2. Thanks for sharing, pengalaman aku sering banget nih packing kebanyakan pakaian karena insecure bakalan butuh ganti hehe

    1. Your welcome :) apa krn ak virgo yah?jadi ak demen bgt semua ud ke plan dgn sempurna hehehe

  3. Kayaknya kalau mau packing, aku tipe yang simple tapi rada ribet deh, haha, maunya ransel taunya malah jadi koper :D

    1. Ahahhahaah gawat tuh tipe2 gitu,ak kalau emang jalan2nya backpackeran mesti ada yg dikorbanin baju2nya hehe