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Halo guys, it’s been four months since the last time I made a “favorite” post. Life has been soooooo maddening. My dad has been hospitali...

Halo guys, it’s been four months since the last time I made a “favorite” post. Life has been soooooo maddening. My dad has been hospitalized for more than a week and now he is still in recovery. I was cried every single night praying to the God to lift his misery and give it to me instead. I’ve never been so scared like this before. I just felt like everything seems so dark. But there is always be good things when something bad happened. When my dad sick, I can tell which one of people around me who cares and which one who don't give a damn about me at all. That can really surprise you! You can’t predict at all and I’m glad now I know. I won’t waste my time to those people from now on. Ha. 

Innisfree skinny waterproof mascara
What a perfect mascara for your bottom lashes! and you are gonna surprise how cheap is this. I know this product because make up guru Diana aka Easyneon use this mascara a lot in her videos. 

Eyeshadow quad – LT Pro La Tulipe Profesional
I found this in local shop in Jakarta and I thought it was Chanel lmao I didn’t really care with the quality at first, I just bought it because of the packaging. But boy I was sooooo wrong, it was soooo good. It was so pigmented and the color is so pretty plus its so compact that it becomes my everyday eye shadow palette that I use every single day. 

Korean Rice cake
If you ask me 5 years ago where to eat ttobbokki, I only can name a few restaurants but now people! In 2016 we can find this in local grocery store. It’s amazing! So, I had to always have it in my refrigerator so whenever I watch Korean drama I can have some rabokki (ramen+ttopokki). Btw, I post a recipe of rabokki in my cooking blog --> click here!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish – Pat On The Black
What can I say more? It is actually a very dark purple colour. That looks so edgy, right? Its not too dark nor too flirty. It’s a perfect color for my current mood. Hehhehe

The body shop body butter-blueberry 
Ahahhaha ya all know already I’m a fan of body shop body butter or any brand in fact lol so this one won’t surprise you :p

favorite book
I read 4 books last month. Knowing I was taking care of my dad in the hospital, I just read a lot of books to accompany me. I can't choose which one is my favorite but I can choose which one is my least favorite tho. The 4 books that I read is:
  1. Sophie Kinsella - Sophaholic to The Rescue
  2. Jojo Moyes - Me Before You
  3. Jojo Moyes - After You
  4. Colleen Hoover - Confess 
My least favorite is the 3rd one. Its a rubbish, don't read it. It's the sequel of the book number 2 which is soooooooooooooo good. I personally think the writer doesn't need to write "After You" after "Me before you". It ruins the magical of the book uhhhh just whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. On the other side, I totally recommend you guys to read the other 3 books. First of all, if you are a fan of Shopaholic series then it's a must book to read, its the 8th book of the series. 

The second book Jojo Moyes - Me Before You and the 4th book "confess" is a romance book tho. If you are not a fan of romance book then don't read it but if you just like me who loves romance then its a must!!!!!Both books receive crazy good review. It tells you how good these book are hehehhe go read it guys!!!

I think that is all for now. Until next time~

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