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cr: pexels I'm suddenly thinking that I will never be a restaurant review blogger because I always go to the same restaurant and c...

cr: pexels

I'm suddenly thinking that I will never be a restaurant review blogger because I always go to the same restaurant and choose the same menu over and over lol yes I am that boring!

Taiwanese dessert
Everytime I went to the mall with my friends, we will end up eat this bowl of amazingness from Taiwan while catching up with our life. My favorite place is sumoboo or hongtang.

Sushi Tei
No words needed! my favorite place all the time! delicious sushi with affordable price.

Ramen 38
My favorite ramen shop in Jakarta. I think its because of the spiciness. They do serve the hotness in a delicious bowl of ramen. They provide lots of types of ramen but as you can see, I only order the same ramen over and over again.

Bibimbab and Ttobokki
With all these new korean restaurant in the town, I never fail to become the same boring me order the same menu (bibimbab and ttobokki) whenever I go to korean restaurant. I've tried the other menu but it doesnt taste good as these two. My favorite place to eat Korean food: mu gung hwa

Fiesta steak in every food court
And I always order the same menu over and over again *sighs* it's a safe option everytime I go to foodcourt at malls because it's filling, taste good and cheap.

Martabak AA
Don't lecture me on my martabak choice. Nothing beats this small yet very famous martabak stall. My whole family loves it.

Another place that I always visit is fish&co and I always order the same thing hahaha 

If I have to rate food by country. Thailand would be the first one!!!! I've tried lots of Thailand restaurant but my favorite will always be Jittlada. Guess what?I always order the same thing. Tomyam+papaya salad+thai iced tea+mango sticky rice. Yasssss.

Bebek Kaleyo
Hands down it's the best bebek restaurant in this world. My always go to menu: bebek muda goreng. Damn I'm salivating right now.

Pizza at Grand Lucky SCBD
I don't know about you but my favorite pizza in Jakarta is this very small pizza stall in front of Grand Lucky SCBD supermarket. Rich in cheese, delicious sauce, lots of topping. I'm sold I'm sold.

Salad bar at Kemchick
Oh boy I am such a predictable lady. Kemchick has the best egg and tuna salad everrrrr.

Pancious pancake
Another restaurant that I visit often. Probably because it's relatively cheap, has a good vibes and serve delicous food. Its just safe to be here cause you know you will come out full and not drying your wallet.

Taiwanese Bubble Tea
What is up with Taiwanese and their sweet dessert thingy? After those taiwanese dessert bowl, they also have bubble tea which I believe is a drink that God provides us in heaven.

Carls Jr
If my friends want to choose burger for lunch, I always drag them to Carls Jr. No other place! If they want another brand, I'm just gonna skip the meal. Idk why. Its the only burger that I like. 

This also my only favorite sukiyaki place. I'd rather choose another food than to eat sukiyaki in other places beside Itasuki. 

See? Im such a boring person. You can always predict what Im gonna have if I decided to eat in the malls. I just noticed it when I'm about to upload the picture in my instagram and I realized that I already posted the same pictures 5 times. Wew. Do I ever change the restaurant or menu? *sighs*

I just dont mess up with my food. If its good, I'm gonna like it forever. Plus I dont want to waste money to try food that I end up dont like it. Ha!

How about you? You like to venture out when you are eating outside? Or you just like me who stick to the same menu and the same restaurant? Tell me :p

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