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2016 Song Qian

Hello, Qianmi :) The end of 2016 is here. Happy New year in advance <3 I hope you all going to achieve all of your goals in 2017. How ...

Hello, Qianmi :) The end of 2016 is here. Happy New year in advance <3 I hope you all going to achieve all of your goals in 2017. How was your 2016? Mine was pretty good. I traveled a lot last year. As you all know 2016 was super busy for our girl, Qiannie. She always work hard. In fact, she inspires a lot of us to work hard, be humble, be kind and never give up. I compiled all of her activities in 2016 to all of you. I hope this post going to inspire you more to work even harder cause hey! Like idol like fans. We have to work hard too, so Vic will be proud of us.

What do you want Vic to do in 2017? Personally, I want her to make a movie with Eddie Peng and I also want her to work more with Chanel. Tell me in comment section below, what do you want for Vic to do in 2017? Do you want her to completely focus on solo activities? Do you want her to get some holiday? Do you want her to release an album? Ahhhhh BTW, I have another wish for vic too, I want her to get a boyfriend hihihihihi 
  • Ifeng x Givenchy collaboration 
  • F/W Paris fashion week - Dior 
  • Tods bag and Hogan shoes campaign model 
  • YSL branch opening event at Guangzhou 
  • Mikael Kors  store event at Qingdao
  • Mikael Kors campaign model 
  • Estee lauder grand opening at Guangzhou
  • Firebible collaboration 
  • Loewe best friend (its how Loewe title their ambassador) 
  • S/S Paris fashion week - Loewe 
  • Wave attitude campaign with Tods 
  • Vic x Bazaar Paris FW video collaboration 
  • Vic x Kenzo x HM photo collaboration 
  • Vic x Haibao collaboration 
  • Vic x ifeng fashion collaboration 
  • Loewe opening store at Madrid 
  • SKP Marc Jacobs opening ceremony 
  • Victoria x G.V.G.V collaboration 
  • Victoria x chanel no.5 perfume vogueme
  • Estee lauder brand ambassador 
  • Dell image spoke person 
  • Online game 桃花源记2 spoke 
  • game 遮天3D spoke person 
  • Olay brand ambassador 
  1. Grazia cover magazine 
  2. Modern Lady cover magazine 
  3. SE Weekly cover magazine 
  4. Femina cover magazine 
  5. Ok! cover magazine 
  6. Only Lady magazine 
  7.  Elle china 
  8. Harpers bazaar china april 
  9. Vogue me china 
  10. Cosmopolitan china 
  11. Harpers bazaar china mei 
  12. Harpers bazaar korea 
  13. Marieclaire korea 
  14. Grazia korea cover 
  15. Harpers bazaar china june – cover 
  16. Yoho girl cover 
  17.  Trendshealth cover october 
  18. l'officiel china 
  19. Marie claire china november cover 
  20. Ray Li fashion magazine november cover 
  21. Starshoot magazine cover november 
  22. Grazia china cover December 
  23. (miscellaneous) Vogue korea with f(x) 
  • Ice fantasy filming and airing, rating #1 
  • Beautiful secret airing rating, rating  #1 
  • My New sassy girl movie release 
  • My best friend wedding movie release 
  • Ancient love song filming 
  • Reversal life filming 
  • August Weiyang (八月未央) filming 
  • the legend of the ancient sword 2 filming 
  • Weibo 23 M
  • Instagram 2.8 M
  • The Mainland's Most Popular Actress at Star Power Annual Awards 
  • Super popular all round goddess award jumei award 
  • Best Potential actress at Letv awards 
  • The power star chart people of the year 
  • Most popular actress 2016 iqiyi award 
  • Annual media influential people award 
  • TV Drama Awards- most popular actress 
  • 01/03/2016 MNSG china release date press con 
  • 28/03/2016 MNSG OST release date presscon 
  • 06/04/2016 MNSG korea release date press con 
  • 17&18/04/2016 went to beijing doing interview and press related for MSG 2 
  • 19/04/2016 premiere in beijing & 6 theater visit 
  • 20/04/2016 4 another beijing theater visit & shooting super show with CTH 
  • 21/04/2016 went to chongqing for 7 theater visit. 
  • 22/04/2016 went to wuhan for 6 theater visit. 
  • Radio star 
  • 07/12-13/2016 movie presscon in shanghai film festival 
  • 8/2/2016 movie premiere presscon 
  • 08/07/2016 chengdu theater visit 
  • 08/08/2016 changsha theater visit 
  • 08/09/2016 wuhan theater visit 
  • Alibaba pictures annual gala 
  • huancheng promo stuff 
  • BS promo stuff 
  • Harpers Bazaar charity night 
  • 11.11 carnival night party 
  • Weibo fan festival 
  • Iqiyi gala night 
  • Olay dinner night 
  • 2016 mobile video festival 
  • 2016 anhui tv drama 
  • 2016 shanghai movie festival
  • all f(x) related activities such as f(x) concerts, smtown concert, f(x) activities, f(x) awards, f(x) photoshoot and f(x) songs.
There it is. All Qiannie's accomplishment in 2016. I hope she will be more successful in 2017 but the most important thing is for her to be a happy girl in 2017. I also hope for all Qianmi in the world the same thing. Be happy, girls. See ya later <3 <3 

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  1. Wow you've done an impressive compilation of Queen Vic's achievements in 2016. It is equivalent to taking a walk down memory lane. I can't begin to fathom the weariness she had to endure in this year. I am waiting in eager anticipation of her next movie with Lee Hom but really, I would like to see Vic and her lovely mates of f(x) do a smashing comeback in 2017!!

    1. thank you, bb <3 yeah, i hope for f(x) comeback too but i don't think its gonna happen soon tho :(

  2. Thanks for this work, really Vic has worked hard 💪. I would see to Vic in a movie or drama about the romantic story of a beautiful ballerina 💃. I also would that she make a mini-album in Chinese 🎤, I would that she take a month's vacation and also I wish that she will found a good man that love her very much 💕💑

    1. OMG yes yes about ballerina <3 ahhh bb you sound like a lot of Qianmi who want her a good man hehehe

  3. Not Chanel but other fashion label and more princess dress like the one she wore in anhui tv drama
    And I wish she could take a break and date too. She has been working nonstop

    1. the one like zuhair murad, elie saab and reem acra? yas yas yasssssss