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September-December 2016 Favorite

Ok, I'm gonna apologize that I didn’t post a lot of “favorite” post in 2016. Mostly because I don’t have money to buy new things. S...

Ok, I'm gonna apologize that I didn’t post a lot of “favorite” post in 2016. Mostly because I don’t have money to buy new things. Seriously tho, when will I become rich? LOL Anyway, I haven’t wrote any favorite post since September. So without further ado, here it is my September-December 2016 favorites.

I waited for at least a month to confidently saying this one is my new fav mascara because usually mascara is only good at the beginning but I still love this mascara so much to the day I wrote this blog post. It really hold my curls. Give it a go, peeps! It is sooo good. This picture were taken at Kiluan bay during my Lampung trip here.

2. Revlon nail polish- 128 slate
BTW girls, I have a question. Do woman have to love jewelry? Because I'm such a weirdo that I hate jewelry particularly necklace and bracelet. The only jewelry that I like is earrings. Wearing ring is also uncomfortable to me. My mom got me a pretty ring for me and I wear it now everyday but something seems off. I always use red or blue nail polishes, right? It just doesn’t match with the rings. So Im on a mission to find a good nude nail polish and I tried 4 nude polishes till I finally found the right one for me. The color compliments my skin tone so it also compliments the ring that my mom gave me. Ahhhh so pretty <3

3. Cotton On Shoes 
I bought this because I don’t have a “travelling” shoes when my friend invited me to go to her hometown in Lampung. Check out my journey to find Dolphin in Hindia ocean here. It is so comfortable to walk.  hehhe

4. Sailormoon Manga
I want to make a confession that I only watch sailor moon anime less than 5 times in my life and I never ever read their manga before hahahhahah. As a 90s kid, I feel embarrassed to say this lmao So, I searched for the English translated manga and OMG they translated all of the manga. You can check the website here 

5. Japanese Youtuber
Remember when I posted my favorite youtuber here? As you can see, I didn’t put any Japan youtuber because at that time I haven’t fell in love with Japan just yet. But now, I have so many Japanese youtuber in my subscription list. My favorites are:

a. Japanagos
b. Abroad in Japan
c. Micaela 
d. Rachel & Jun
e. Kimdao
f. Mimeiland
Geez, I seriously don’t know how to end a blog post. I guess that’s it for this fav blog post. I hope I can discover lots of new favorites in 2017. See ya next time. Bye ~.

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  1. Mascara Maybelline kesayangan aku juga mba :)

  2. Hihihi samaan mbak, saya jg kurang suka pakai gelang atau kalung :))

    Aku jd ngepoin abroad in Japan nih :))

  3. Sepatu cotton on awet nggak ya? Pengin beli tapi ragu

  4. aku naksir nail polish revlon hhe :D
    udah lama aku ga main2 nail polish wkwk

  5. Nail polish warnanya lucukk