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What's inside my travel makeup pouch?

In this blog post, I would like to share what's inside my travel makeup pouch. When I travel, I obviously don't want to pack all ...

In this blog post, I would like to share what's inside my travel makeup pouch. When I travel, I obviously don't want to pack all of my makeup items. I usually don't even put foundation cause I know that I would be so dead tired that I don't want to waste my time to cleanse my face properly before I sleep. I'm such an indoor person that maybe traveling is the only time that my skin is facing the sun ray. So, I'd rather prep my skin nicely and protect it with sunblock and other skincare. Comment below if you want to see my skincare travel pouch. I will probably post it later ;) Now into the details of my travel makeup pouch!

Compact mirror
I bought it because it's purple. It has two sides of mirror. The regular one and the zoomed one. Just perfect.

This is what I'm currently using. I still prefer my trustworthy Palmers lipbalm but this stuff will do just fine

Various of lip product
I bring my nude lip thingy from Bourjois and red Lipstick from Revlon. And I also bring 1 lip liner cause girl need some lip liner in their life.

2 eyes brushes
I only bring the essential. 1 brush for patting the eye shadow on my eyelids and the one is for blending brush. No need to bring 18284384 brushes.

Eyebrow pencil
Woman can't live without their eyebrow pencil. Duh

For my lip liner and eyebrow pencil

Eye products
I only bring the Maybelline color tattoo as the base and this compact Eye shadow quad from local brand LTpro. I also bring my Eyeliner from Silky Girl cause it has the brush already and it's waterproof. So I don't need to feel the urge to check my eyeliner

Eyelash stuff
Curler cause damn asian eyelashes are too flat and short, Revlon mascara for my upper lashes and Innisfree skinny for my lower lashes.

Bloating paper
Cause I have an oily skin and,

Hand cream
Cause I love my hands to always smell good after I finished put my makeup on.

That's it for this blog post. Whats inside your travel makeup pouch? Do you even bring less than mine? Or you can't leave your blush and contour palette at home!? Let me know in the comment section below. Thank u for reading. Bye bye~

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  1. Okay fine, di pouch aku ga ada eye brush dan lip liner dong May hehe. Anaknya jarang pake lip liner :p

    1. aku wajib bgt lipliner huhuhu ga ngerti ama bentuk bibir sama cara makan aku Cin. pasti abis makan semua lipstik ilang huhuhuhu setidaknya kalau pake lipliner mayan ada yg ketahan :D

    2. lip linernya untuk whole of lips atau untuk bentuk bibir May?

    3. Whole lips buat nahan lipstick on top of it huhuhuhuhu mayan bgt masih ada warna abis makan lol

  2. I just have compact powder and lipstick of Wardah. My skin so sensitive of cosmetic, that's why can't use more, haha...

    1. aduhhh keren bgt cuman pakai bedak sama lipstik >< aku ga pede mbak huhuhu

  3. aku paling males touch upp, maklum anak kontraktorr XD
    touch up lipstick aja kadang kadang kalo pengen, jadi pouch isinya cuma bedak sama lipstick ajaa tapi jarang aku pake hihi