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Jan - Feb 2017 Favorite

Welcome to the first favorite post of 2017 *phew* I finally managed to find 6 things that I think deserves to be on the favorite post. Wi...

Welcome to the first favorite post of 2017 *phew* I finally managed to find 6 things that I think deserves to be on the favorite post. Without further ado, let’s get started! 

I admit that I am sooooo late to the Bourjois craze! lol Now, that everybody has moved on to  another famous lipstick. I finally got the chance to try this. I chose Beau Braun because I’ve tried my friend’s first and I actually love it. 

2. Mango mini wallet 
I got it as a Christmas present and I love it because it is so simple. You can just shove all your cards and a bit of money. You can even bring it to your smallest purse. It’s very convenient. 

I personally love the cold hint this facial wash gives. I don’t think its exciting enough to put a facial wash but I decided to put it because the control oil is super. 

4. Jason Mraz feat James Morrison - Details in the fabric

I actually love this song back in the university days. One day, Youtube suggested me this song and all the memories from those days is back. I kinda got teary eyed when I rediscovered this song. You know those feeling, right? :)

5. Paris for One - Jojo Moyes 

This was a cute, quick and easy read. I really liked this story. I am impressed that Jojo Moyes fit everything into 96 pages. I loved the plot. I liked the characters. And mannnnn! the female lead character is exactly me from 4 years ago. I hate traveling. I hate new place. I am easily scared of anything. She is just me. I feel like Jojo moyes wrote a story about me minus the fact that she found her love in her vacation. LOL.

L.A Girl has a huge range of lip liners. So, you have so many options to choose from. It is really inexpensive, and is easily available online. I got it in the red shade called True Red because it's easy to pair with my red lipsticks. It is so creamy, pigmented and long lasting. For more review, you can watch to the review from this lovely girl. She is one of my favorite beauty guru. 
Ok guys, that's it for this blog post. Do you have anything that has been your new favorite last month? Tell me in the comment section below. Until next time~ muwahhhh!

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  1. aku juga ada tuh mini walletnya Mango, cuma warnanya item.. lucu emang dan praktis dibawa kemana-mana

  2. 3 hal dari favorite things kamu juga jadi fave aku may. Bourjois udah jadi lipstik andalan aku lah hahahaha. Mango mini wallet aku punya yang item, dan terakhir Jason Mraz's song :D


    1. Warna apa lagi nih yg aku mesti beli dari borjouis? Suka banget ihhhhhhh

  3. Ah Borjouis emang bikin jatuh cinta mba aku juga sejak tahun lalu beralih ke Borjouis LOVE it :)

  4. mini walletnya ..warnanya kece... banget..mau donk lip linernya... hi2

  5. Really surprise while seeing Garnier Matcha, cause I've never seen before :D