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Korean drama tag with Virna Aryanita

Hello, I did a collaboration blog post again with another blogger  Virna Aryanita . She is a blogger who reviews Korean drama and books....

Hello, I did a collaboration blog post again with another blogger Virna Aryanita. She is a blogger who reviews Korean drama and books. I've known her for years to be honest. She is one of my closest friend and she is so devoted to her blog. So, please kindly check her blog after you read mine hehehhe. This time, we are gonna answer 30 questions related to Korean dramas. We both love Korean drama but most of the time, our taste for Korean dramas are different. So, we think it's gonna be fun to see how we answer all these 30 questions below. Without further ado, here we go!

Q1 Your favourite KDrama
This one is easy because I keep re-watching it whenever I feel nostalgic. It's Full House by Song Hye Kyo and Bi Rain.

Q2 Your favourite male lead character
It's Bu Yong Joo from Romantic Doctor Kim. His character is a drama legend, for me. The actor who played the character got daesang for this role. A well deserved award.

Q3 Your favourite female lead character
For me, its Oh Jin Hee from Emergency couple. She is a strong female character. She enrolled in a medical university after she got divorced. She proved herself that you can get yourself back up again after a certain failure in your life. 

Q4 Your favourite male/female third wheel character
To be honest, I always root for second male character hahhahaa. If I have to choose, I would choose Grim Reaper from Goblin. I personally always like Lee dong wook and I'm surprise he wants to be the second lead but he nailed it omg. I cried so much for him in this drama more than for the male lead. Come to think of it, Kim Go eun is actually the third wheel, no? The bromance in Goblin is just too strong lol

Q5. Your Favorite comical relief character?
Jang manager in romantic dr kim hahahhahaha Everytime he appears, I know its gonna be a hillarious scene. A character like that is needed in an intense drama like Romantic Dr. Kim.

Q6 Your favourite song from KDrama OST
For me Descendant of the sun has a really good OST. My favorite is This Love by Davichi.

Q7 Your favourite line from male/female lead character
Bu Yong Joo - "Working hard in life is good, but let’s not live foolishly. Please don’t forget why you work so hard, and your reason for living"

Oh Jin Hee - "A perfect life doesn’t exist. Unexpected accidents happen in life and we make irreversible mistakes, too. But every time we fall and get hurt in life we definitely find ourselves changed in the midst of it. We realized other people’s pains or we realized ourselves maturing. Wouldn’t it really be like the beginning of love? So.. even if we keep making mistake and failing. We’ll keep growing and challenging ourselves"

Q8 Your favourite story
Signal and Age of Youth.

Q9 Your favourite "I Love You"
This scene when kang dong joo said I love you in gazillion languages. So cute!!! I cant ><

Q10 Your favourite kiss
The last kissing scenes of Jo jung suk & park bo young in Oh My Ghost. When park bo young character asked "can I get one more kiss?" is just toooooo cute. To be honest, I Love all the kisses scenes in this drama. It makes my heart flutter. It's not a deep kiss or anything. It's a very sweet kiss.

Q11 Your favourite ending
Romantic Doctor Kim's ending. They even rewarded us with another prequel episode with Kim hye soo. Kyaaaaah.

Q12 A KDrama you started but couldn't finish
There are a lot ahhahahaha but most recently is doctors, uncontrollably fond, missing 9 and Goodbye Mr. Black. It was good in the beginning but I just drop it cause it was so draggy for me.

Q13 A KDrama you watched more than once
I only re-watch drama that have a happy ending lol
- Full House
- Another Miss Oh
- Emergency Couple
- Oh My Ghost
- Age of Youth

Q14. A Korean drama that made you cry the most?
Another Oh Haeyoung. I cry in every episode.

Q15 A Korean drama that made you laugh the loudest?

Probably Strong Woman Do bong soon. Such a fun drama!

Q16 The worst KDrama that you've watched until the end
I never finished a drama that I think is a bad drama lol I don't want to waste my time duh.

Q17 Best actor
I personally always like Jo Jung Suk's and Jo In sung's acting.

Q18 Best Actress
Seo hyun jin. This girl is so underrated. Last year she has two successful drama. I'm sooo happy for her :) I would like to add Gong hyo jin too! Love her !

Q19. Favorite growing up child actor/actress?
Kim so hyun. This girl got an amazing talent and also such a beauty. She is just perfect.

Q20 Worst Actor/Actress
I can't stand lots of idol turned actor.

Q21 Best Couple
Jo jung suk and Park bo young in Oh My Ghost. I just love their interaction in the drama. Both are soooo good.

Q22 Worst Hated Couple
I can pick most hated character but a couple ? hmmmm I can't think of any. Probably the antagonist in Tomorrow with You. ugh!!!

Q23 First KDrama
Winter sonata or maybe Endless love lol

Q24 Your most recently finished drama
Age of Youth and Drinking Solo and it's soooooooooo dang good. I heard they are gonna make the 2nd season! yay!

Q25 Couple you wish they dated in real life
Eric and Seo hyun jin. Mannnn, their kisses is undoubtedly the best kisses in kdrama world. The chemistry is sizzling.

Q26 A pairing you wished to see in korean drama?
Seo Hyun Jin and Ji Sung, please! The quality will be amazing!

Q27 Kdrama loved by many but you hate
The heirs lol its so makjang! and can we stop dressing Lee min ho as a high school student? It ain't fool anyone.

Q28 Kdrama hated by many but you love
It's not hated but the rating is so awful but I strangely finished the entire drama. I even prioritized it before watching Descendant of the sun. It's Rain and Oh yeon seo drama - Comeback Mister. I have a huge crush on OYS now. She is soooo good pulling off her role.

Q29 If you were about to sign a contract, which entertainment agency you want to be in?
I'm torn between Namoo and Forest entertainment cause they have lots of good actor/actress there but Blossom Ent is also not bad lol

Q30 Anticipated drama you want to see this year?
To be honest, my 3 most wanted drama in 2017 is already aired last month. It's Defendant, Tomorrow with You and Strong Woman Do bong soon. But I heard Kim Ji Won will do a comeback drama with Park Seo Jeon! So I think i'm gonna choose that. There is also a drama of Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun. I love both of the leads but sadly I don’t really like historical drama.

Ok guys, if you end up answering these questions as well please link me, I would love to read it. Or if you agree /disagree with any of my opinions comment below. Or if you have a very good kdrama that you would like to recommend, please also give a comment below. See yaaaa~ Oh, and don't forget to check my friend's blog here and you can also follow her instagram below.

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Virna Aryanita (@virnaaryanita) pada
Love you all, muwahhh :*

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  1. OMG! Yassss to Ji Sung and Seo Hyun Jin pairing!!

    I didn't know Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho will be in a new drama?!! I love them both since I watched them in Missing You ;) Hope it will be another success for both of them.

    1. let's pray for ji sung x seo hyun jin to happen in the near future amen lol

  2. full house emang ga ada matinya.. tetep seru dilihat berkali-kali

  3. OMG, I'd like to do this tag after I finished w/ Goblin & Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo! Hehe. I like Full House too! It brings so many memories! Also Secret Garden! That's my favourite, I re-watched it more than 5 times xD

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. All of my friends also recommend me Weightlifting Fairy. I think im gonna download it this weekend. I dont really trust the male lead acting skill, but i heard he is so good in it.

  4. Yang paling sering ditonton Full House wkwkkw emang sering banget tuh di bolak balik di TV, tfs ya eonni^^

    1. iya bener mana tv indo sering bgt muter ulang ahahahahhahaha