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March - may 2017 favorite

Hello, everyone!!! It’s time for another favorite post! These past few months, I’ve been liking lots of products. You can check all the p...

Hello, everyone!!! It’s time for another favorite post! These past few months, I’ve been liking lots of products. You can check all the products below. Let’s get started it :)

Innisfree super volcanic pure clay mask
I actually bought it in January and I waited so long to finally put this product in this post because I wanted to know whether this product gonna cause me some pimples or not. I can say confidently that it's not cause me any pimples at all. I use this mask once a week, usually in the weekend. Your skin will become more supple and glowing after you remove this mask. Love it! Definitely will repurchase.

Wardah intense matte lipstick - Passionate Pink and Miss Terracotta
I fall in loveeeeeeeeee with these two shades of wardah intense matte lipstick. I originally bought it for my mom cause she loves Wardah products. One day, I borrowed it cause I want a pink lipstick and I instantly fell in love. It is a matte lipstick but still feel creamy. The color payoff is very good. Its not that long lasting tho but hey! For the price and the color, I recommend it to all of you who read this post.

Garnier micellar cleansing water
My bestfriend, Virna really loves micellar water. You can check her blog here to see why she loves it so much. I personally never interested in any micellar water but she convinced me that it's so good to cleanse your face when you feel lazy. Since her favorite is kinda expensive, I bought the garnier one. I actually use this just for removing my eye makeup. I still use my regular facial wash to clean my entire face.

Original source vanilla & raspberry body lotion
I loooooooooove the smell of this product. Eventhough it’s a bit sticky to apply but the smell compensate the downside of this product. I love to apply it in the night after shower so I can feel so good when I sleep. Seriously, the smell is to die for!

IU- palette
I played this song nonstop 5 hours when I go picnic in the park while reading some books. I just love her soothing voice. And please GD is featuring in this song?! Do I need to say more?

James Arthur - say you won’t let go
This song is just too sweet it can make me get diabetes. Another british singer that I love. Can't help to love the song. I mean, just check it out. Huhuhu

Sophie Kinsella- my not so perfect life

Yassss the queen is back. As always, I never ever miss her books. This one really gets me because its all about the perfect life in instagram. She is the chicken soup of books in the sense that her stories always bring me comfort and a smile to my face. They aren’t anything ground breaking; typically these are predictable, but that is exactly why I pick them up.

That is all, guys! See you until next blog post and happy Ramadhan to those who celebrate~

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