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Hah! Yesterday when I woke up, I can feel that I'm gonna get sick soon. I can't concentrate in my Japanese class because I have a s...

Hah! Yesterday when I woke up, I can feel that I'm gonna get sick soon. I can't concentrate in my Japanese class because I have a stuffy nose. Last night after I had my dinner, I took some fever medication. I feel like just resting today but then I remember that I haven't put any new blog post recently. So, I decided to write something today.

I am gonna talk about new year resolution. I don't usually make new year resolution in January because I'd like to think about it more whether I can achieve it or not. I gave them some thoughts before I confidently put it on the internet. I don't really have big new year resolution this year. All I want is just to be healthy and happy. But nonetheless, here are my new year resolution.

1. Go somewhere new

Indah just texted me about where we should go this year. We have some options but we are gonna talk to our other friends first. I'm so thankful and I know its a privilege to afford a vacation. That's why I never take it for granted. I always enjoy every min of my vacation. Plus I do really hope that I will win a new writing competition this year. So, I can have extra money to go somewhere new. AMEN.


I took Japanese class since last year. I will really work twice harder this year to pass JLPT N5. I just want to keep growing you know. This is my life goals to be able to speak comfortably in 3 languages.

3. New income

I have some plans. Let's just hope I can work my ass off and God allows me to do it. Work and pray, people!!!

4. Swim

I already asked a lot of my friends about some swimming class. I probably will attend it after Ramadhan *fingercrosses* I want to enjoy a beach vacation. The last time I went to a beach, I can only stay at the beach while my friends swimming together :(

5. Be grateful every single day

This is my main goal for this year. I've been doing a bullet journal since last month and there is a section where I have to put at least one thing that I felt grateful for every single day. That actually helps me a lot to view my life. Don't get me wrong, I mostly feel crappy just like other human being but the fact that I'm still able to list even just one thing that I'm grateful for really makes me keep going.

Life is all about find the will to keep going everyday, isnt it? I know God always have a reason for everything. So, live well Maya. Live well.

That's it for today, guys. Have an amazing day! See you until the next blog post~ BTW its a flu season, so drink your vitamin, kay?!~

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  1. 2018 resolutions ada yang sama nih mbak, go somewhere sama bisa pro berenangnya! Fight to catch our list ^^