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Happy April everyone. As for me, I want to say "Sad april everyoneeeee" LOL. I have some new favorite stuffs for these past 3 mon...

Happy April everyone. As for me, I want to say "Sad april everyoneeeee" LOL. I have some new favorite stuffs for these past 3 months. I can't wait to share it with you all. So,here we go!

Miniso natural eyelashes

I wear them every time I go out on the weekend and I already bought 4 boxes of these eyelashes. I'm obsessed! It's soooo good to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer but still on the natural side rather than the fake side. Love it!

Hot pink Mango mini wallet

I bought this on the Valentine day to ease my lonely heart. JKJKJK. I just decided to buy a new wallet on the spot when they were having sales.

Cosrx pimple patch

Ahhhh, this cosrx product is to die for! Everytime I have a pimple, I always touch it until it bleeds (TMI I'm sorry). My friend recommended this product to me and I can't thank her enough. It prevents me from touching the pimple plus it's kinda reduce the redness of the pimple. Definitely a life saver! I totally recommend this cosrx product.

Majolica majorca mascara

Ya All know how good Japanese mascara, right?! They always just do it right. Very lengthening, thickening and curling my eyelashes. I remember that I bought it 3 or 4 years ago then I decided to repurchase it. It's very good.

Keds canvas shoes
Ahhhh, I fall in love with this shoes!! You all just have to check my instagram @Nurismaya14 to see how often I wear this shoes.

Etude house AC Clean up Cushion foundation 
I bought this because Liah Yoo from Youtube recommended this product for acne prone skin. The coverage is weak but I don't really care as long as it's not gonna break me out.

Daniel caesar

I found my new favorite album to listen to on Sunday morning. That is Freudian by Daniel Caesar. Please try to listen to it. My favorite track is Get You, Best Part and Blessed. He is def being added to my favorite male singer now.

Hyori bed&breakfast

I want to talk about this show!!!! I watched the first season and honestly it was so-so. Probably because that time, I watched a lot of another Korean TV show. They started the new season in January and I just can't stop watching. This show is about a super famous veteran singer in South Korea who opened her house as a BNB. The producer of the show has really done a good job picking up the guest. It varied from different job, age and personality. It's totally a healing but still funny show. I really love it!

Hmmmm, that's it guys for this blog post. I don't really have a lot of favorite stuffs. I am trying to save money for a lot of things I have to do this year. Plus I really want you to know that all products that I mentioned in this type of blog post is sincerely the products that I use.

For example, I tried the cosrx AHA thingy in late December and it broke me out. I noticed my skin is becoming worse and worse by using it. So I stopped it and throw it to the trash can. I will never put that kind of product on my blog. So, I hope you guys would find these type of blog post helpful.

Until then. See you in the next blog post. I already had a lot of blog post coming up. See you very soon~

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  1. Wah nonton Hyori Bed & Breakfast juga nih. Show ini emang bikin ketagihan pengen nonton terus yak hehehe 😄