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Challenging times

" But miss, I need you to help me to cancel my flight. I can't even transit through Singapore. How do I suppose to go to Osaka...

"But miss, I need you to help me to cancel my flight. I can't even transit through Singapore. How do I suppose to go to Osaka then?" 

I can't believe the conversation above between me and the airline's customer service was taken place in February! Today, three months later, when I tried to recall the memories, the conversation felt like a small matter compared to the situation we all are in right now.

Although to be fair, it wasn't a small matter for me at that moment because I also can't cancel my hotel and my train tickets. I saved so much for my Japan spring trip :( It takes me three years to finally be able to go to Japan again after my last trip.

In the end, it's all were being taken care of tho. A week before my flight is scheduled, they told me that I can reschedule my flight for free. My friend who has the same original flight as me didn't get the same treatment. It's weird, isn't it?

Once I let go of everything and let the Divine do its work. It magically works. Funny, eh?

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the lives of millions of people into a state of uncertainty. I thought it's just gonna be over in a month or two. I thought that I will be fine afterward but no. I honestly will never be the same again.

These past three months have taught me a lot. It reminds me that I am a fragile creature, that everything that I've tried to plan carefully could crumble in a second, that I am not a grounded person and that I need to cherish every moment and everyone that I love in this precious life of mine.

Hell would be an understatement to describe work and financial's situation. Everyone including me was trying to save ourselves. My line of work demanded me to be a tough person, so I was.  I'm not gonna explain more because it honestly just drains me out. I've just decided to see this situation in a different light. 

Let's move on to a slightly uplifting plan. Once we all free to go out and have the financial problem sorted out, there are things I really want to do. First of all, massage! Maaaan, I go to a massage parlor once a month especially a week before I got my period. My body aches so bad.

Second of all, I need to visit the dentist. It will be safe, right??? right??? The third-place that I want to visit is a hair salon. I desperately want to get my hair cut by the professional. Who would have thought that I would love my short hair since I got it done in January? Def not me in the past 29 years. Hahaha. 

The mundane things that I want to do probably are having a cup of coffee alone in my favorite cafe and going to a clothing store to buy a new shawl.

Back then, I take it all for granted, aren't I? I mean, aren't we all? Now, it would be considered a luxury.

How do you guys stay positive amid whats been going on? In my case, I reach out to my loved ones! Phone calls are amazing, and are a great way to stay connected. But seeing someone’s face really can make a huge difference on a phone call. It can lift your mood and make you feel less lonely.

You’re most definitely not the only person feeling worried, scared, bored, or frustrated. It's a good time for a catch-up, so don’t be afraid to make the first move and reach out to someone you haven’t heard from in a while. They’ll probably be very grateful to hear from you. Send them a message and let them know you care.

I also take a break from the news. It can be tempting to constantly check the news during times like this, cause I do. I refresh my twitter feed every five minutes but if you notice this is harming your mental health. Try limiting how often you check the news.

The last thing for me is to be productive. I made a list of all those things I said I would do but never get round to. It could be sorting out my wardrobe, cleaning up my emails, finishing my books from the last summer (haha, I'm so guilty on this), fixing things around my living space, etc.

These tasks can make you feel productive and give you a sense of accomplishment. Tidying your living space can also make you feel calmer and more positive. But, if you want to take the time off to rest and not be productive, that's fine too. Listen to your body.

I sincerely hope we all get through this safely. I hope we all come out stronger and better than before. Whoever reading this, believe that everything is going to get better. Believe that we will see a silver lining in the end.

Stay safe and stay positive, my loves ;)

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  1. Ah .. so true. I actually had a plan to visit Osaka last April to watch a musical drama. But God planned differently. Well, at least I'm still safe from the Covid-19 disease. Let's just hope that things turn out fine soon (and my favorite idol can still sing in a musical drama next year!).

    1. Wahhhh musical drama apa mbak? Seru banget yaaa. Apakah dirimu berhasil reschedule? Semoga tahun depan semua sudah membaik yah 🙏